Welcome to the wonder of Stella Phoenix!

We come across some stunning pieces in the studio, however sometimes there is just that one peice that stops me in my tracks and truly takes my breath away! I first came to know of Stella Phoenix thanks to little Allegra from http://www.instagram.com/the_adventures_of_little_legs. and lets just say it was love at first sight! So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to own not one but two peices from their new “Imagine collection” We teamed up with little Ellowyn whose mum owns https://avaniandco.com/ to create some special birthday magic!


The Design Team

Outfit from Stella Phoenix “The Fern” https://stella-phoenix.com/product/the-fern/

Cake Topper and Floral Headband https://www.instagram.com/nashandwillow

White Socks and Pink Bow headband https://avaniandco.com/collections/condor/products/condor-openwork-lace-knee-high-socks-white\ https://avaniandco.com/collections/snuggle-hunny-kids/products/linen-bow-pre-tied-headband-wrap

Cake stand and “ONE” topper available from the studio