My Top 12 Must have images in a cake smash session

During every cake smash session in the studio I like to capture my 12 must have images. With a cake smash session I never really know how much time I have, So I like to have a list of must have images to include in the gallery for each client.

  1. Portrait of the birthday child without the cake, when they are fresh and clean. Its a beautiful nuetral photo that celebrates this milestone without the cake
swan princess cake smash first birthday cake smash session

2) Photo of just the cake and the backdrop, captures all the details of the backdrop and of the cake.

3) Babys first response to the cake, I asked the parents to place their little one behind the cake and then quickly step back – I love capturing those first precious facial expressions when they are in awe or surprised of this cake thats been placed before them .

4) Horizontal photo – Most images are vertical to include the decor in the backdrops, I like to make sure I capture a few vertical frames – usually when they have cake as these are usually used for invites etc

5) Photo taken from above, I love this image as I think it mixes it up and it is my favourite to place into the centre of the storyboards.

6) Close up photos of their hands and or feet with some cake on them – If they dont have any on them I usually add a tiny little bit and then their natural reaction is to pull there feet in and they will usually touch the cake then and cover those cute little toes with more frosting!

7) A Close up of their face, this will usually have some frosting, I’m not a fan of frosting above the nose line, I think it looks distracting and not cute, So I usually invite parents to wipe it off if they prefer etc,

8) Photo when they are taking a bite of some cake, I aim to get them looking straight at the camera and a smile is also tried to capture! These images are the ones that mums and Dads most want so I try to capture it all

9) Looking down at the cake and trying to capture the eyelashes as well.

10) After photo of the cake smash

11) Bath time photos, I capture lots of different angles but I always try to capture looking and smiling at the camera, which is quite easy as most littles absolutely love bath time

12) Lucky last but its everyones must have image, They dont always do this but it is absoutely amazing when they do it – I try really hard to not to make any noise of excitement and strongly encourage parents not to make any noise either as this can break the sequence and they may not try it again!