Im all booked in, now what do I do part 2

Choosing the cake! – after all it is the main component that sets these sessions apart from just a normal portrait session. My packages include options of inclusion of a cake form one of selection of amazing cake makers or you can bring your own. We first started out with big cakes but we have recently switched to a smaller size (5 inch) Why the switch you ask? so many little ones instictively grab each side of a object and lift to their mouth – but the cakes were simply too heavy! so we switched to a smaller petite version and you can vision it right now without me even showing a picture to you! how cool would to have a birthday shot like that! I have now been chatting to my cake maker for a new style of cake for 2020, I am planning a cute little mini 2 teired cake! like the image below but smaller.

image via google