Yippee! its 2020! It seriously only feels like 5 years ago I was a 15 yr old holidaying with my best friends family eagerly awaiting the milennium bug! I love the energy that a new year brings with it and I cant wait to see what unfolds in the years ahead. The excitement of the year ahead is bursting forth from within! Everything is pointing to a new you, I dont want a new me I just want to keep chasing my dreams and living this wonderful life capturing first birthdays.

What do you have planned for the new year? New decade even? Today I want to share a glimpse of what I have planned for the next year, but firstly I want to share with you my word for 2020 “BUILD” It took me quite awhile to hone in and feel completely comfortable with that word.

Build for me means building upon the foundations I have already laid. I am ready to scale it higher to its full potential.

So this is how I will be showing up in 2020

We will be launching our very online store, a beautifully curated clothing and gift store- Celebrate by Rachel Easley Photography. https://www.instagram.com/celebrate_racheleasleyphotog/

This has been a dream of mine for quite awhile but now it feels so ready to push through and get it up and going. The online store will be a place filled with whimsical treasures to help you celebrate your little ones birthdays as well the go to place for birthday gifts and decor items.

I am so desperately wanting a retail space. I am outgrowing my home studio space and looking to upgrade. I have so many ideas filling my brain – it keeps me up most nights tossing between the bed sheets. I would love to really focus on the birthday/ celebrations side of the studio and offer a event prop hire as well as space to hold events.

Creativity is such a huge part of who I am and I would love to share this with you!

I will be sharing more info over the coming weeks so if you want more info be surte to keep an eye out for the posts and notifications.

This is the year, I am ready to build upon the business and scale higher than my dreams will take me!

Much love and light Rachel xx