Diy Planter Boxes Tutorial

Anyone else suffer from Hobby Lobby and Michaels envy when it comes to prop shopping for cake smashes??? I obviously dont have a Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Joannes close by here all the way in Brisbane Australia. Im not sure all the American photographers are aware how darn LUCKY they areally are haha, anyway I developed some serious prop envy for these ever so popular right now planter boxes. I HAD to have them so here is my DIY version for y’all NOT in America! As I am writing right now RIOT art and Craft stores in Australia have 50% off storewide and I found these cute little wooden boxes for $5.49 ( $10.99 )

What You Need:

  • Wooden Craft boxes
  • foam sheets ( I got a pack of 6 ) try and get white if you can mine was coloured
  • PVA craft glue
  • craft cutter
  • White MATT spray paint – I used 3 Cans
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • pen
Step 1 – Trace around your box shape onto the foam sheet and cut the excess away
Step 2 – measure in 1 inch from the sides to create a border
Step 3 – create 1 inch triangles in each corner
Step 4- create a X in the box and then cut out the 4 triangles
This is what your template will look like
Step 5 – glue all around the areas and attach to the outside of the box
Step 6 – Allow paint to fully dry and then you are ready to spray paint
I used a Matt white spray paint – I also tried a Primer and spray paint 2in1 but the results were runny and didnt take to the foam sheet – so have a test before you spray!
I am pretty happy with the final results – I still need to do another coat but I was eager to share! This was so quick and easy and I mean ANYONE can do this!

I hope this tutorial has helped someone who doesnt have access to purchase these and in the mean time I will continue to pray that a Hobby Lobby comes to Australia! cmon we have now have a Costco we NEED a Hobby Lobby too!