Becoming a more eco friendly brand – Gold Coast Cake Smash Photographer

On Thursday I had the privilege of attending the Gold Coast MIBA – Mums in Business Association event about becoming a more ‘eco friendly brand’. The Guest speaker and discussion was led by my best friend Amie from Growing Kind – Head on over and check out her amazing eco friendly toy store! – she is local too in Waterford!

The key message was that:

Imperfect action is better than no action.

Make just one small change at a time.

MIBA _ Mums in Business Association - Gold Coast
MIBA – Mums in Business Association – Gold Coast
Host – Alyce from Mumma cow
( Im not in the photo as im taking the photo! )

Here are just a few ways we have become a more eco brand

Did you know we dont use Helium balloons – I have heard there is a shortage and it is best to leave it the medical industry who needs it more. What do we use then? I use a balloon pump to blow them up and I dont tie them up, I use a balloon clip to secure the air. Balloons are then hung from above using fishing line giving the illusion they are floating. 90% of our balloons are reused to eliminate unnessary waste.

Photographers are pretty good at selling and buying each others props – this helps us to have new things to offer clients without having to purchase brand new, we also happily share/hire props if we just need it for one session. You may have also seen the rise in digital backdrops – Did you know we can cleverly photoshop your gorgeous baby into a prop in photoshop? This is such a clever idea and one that Im sure has saved the over consumption of baskets/ props for each photographer. 1 Digital backdrop can be used by 1000’s of photographers around the world with the production of just 1 wooden bowl!

I also source alot of my props from FB marketplace, Gumtree or the Markets etc. Reduce Reuse Recycle Repurpose!

I am just in the process of looking for a plastic reusable cake board – 1 plastic board vs 100 cake cardboards in landfill. My cake maker is in the next suburb so by purchasing local it reduces our carbon footprint. Try to shop and do your best to purchase from local stay at home businesses, #supportlocal #supportsmall

I also have some of THE best clients who gift me items they no longer have a use for after they have outgrown outfits or left over party props but know I could use them here in the studio.

The biggest tip I came away from the meet up was one I had never even considered – Did you know your emails and stored files actaully have a carbon footprint? I never knew – Try to delete all uncessary emails and files.

What an amazing day! A room filled with such beautiful women all getting out of their comfort zones to meet new people, better their businesses and better themselves! If you are interested in coming along – here is the link to the facebook page – Hope to see you there!