White Minimalist and Timeless Cake Smash – Brisbane Gold Coast cake smash photographer

Im always asked how I juggle it all? Honestly I question it myself some times haha. I have 4 boys but I also have a amazing husband who does ALOT around the house and in general taking care of the boys whilst Im here living my dream. Capturing 3-5 Birthdays a week, editing, marketing as well as actively on instagram and facebook, it can seem like a cruisy job but it is a full time one non the less. I spend more time running the business than shooting so what I love about inviting you into my space is I actually get to be in the moment with you, slowing down and watch it all unfold before my camera. This is my calm, my moment to pause, my moments of pure joy and gratitude. The craziness and busyness of everything just fades away for the moment. My creativity is my renewal. My studio is my sanctuary.

An all white session is just magical, a lot of my sets are filled with props so to strip it all bare is a lovely reminder to marvel at the magic that just is – A little blonde haired boy celebrating his first trip around the sun with a beautiful cake!

I didnt choose the cake life, The cake life chose me!