Cake Smash Photography: Tips and Questions!

Some trends come and go, but the Cake smash is one that is slowly gaining momentum as a must do for that First Birthday mile stone. I recently switched my business from Maternity, newborn and Cake smash to specialise in Cake Smash. I took the leap even though my research pointed to the evidence to not too- see for yourself below:

Google’s keyword planner shows 40,000 average monthly searches for “newborn photography”, 15,000 for “maternity photography”, and 5,000 for “birthphotography” but only 1,900 for “cake smash photography”.

The question I asked myself was “why is it that cake smash photography isn’t popular?”

I turned to a few Mums and bubs sites and got a few answers – the common answer was “we tried at home and they hated it” – They even showed me photos. I was starting to gain a overall picture – Most at home sessions had simply been a fail, and you know what – I also did my sons session and it was a flop – being honest and in that moment I realised its hard to be The Mum and The Photographer! A few other factors stood out as well – The cake was cold not room temp. Most photos were out side on the grass ( easy clean up right! but maybe not so comfortable?) Was the kitchen tiles too cold to sit on with a tutu?

Moments and Milestones like this require a experienced, professional photographer to capture the wide variety of emotions and facial expressions, why not sit back and relax and let Rachel Easley Photography do all the work for you!

There is the other factors to consider as well

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

  • Fear – Will the session be as cute as a Newborn Session
  • Uncertainty – How will he/she react to the cake
  • Doubt – Will my baby actually smash the cake, so we can get good pictures?

Lets smash all those fears – haha see what I did there!

Please close your eyes and Repeat after me, this is not just a cake smash session! Hey on what? isnt that what I booked? I am here to remind you mums and dads that this is about an experience. Its a fun way to celebrate your little ones First birthday and what a cute way than with a cake placed in front of them for them to do what ever they like with it – After one year eating with our hands soon becomes replaced with a fork and spoon.

My sessions are broken into 3 parts –

The Before Cake Portraits – I take photos of your little one before we add any cake

The Cake – The cake is placed in front of them to explore – I watch their cues and help guide them when needed – Remember your baby is just one year old, and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste. Especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to egg them on. So, I suggest to practice before the session, Options to try are with a cupcake ( this can also alert any dairy/wheat/egg allergies. Icing on top, preferably the same colors, and a similar environment i.e. All sessions the baby is on the floor. You can also try yogurt and puree etc – I have personally found that Baby led weaned babies tend to go all in for the cake than spoon fed babies – let them explore with their hands.

ANd lucky last the Bath Tub wash – I have cute baby sized clawfoot bath filled with warm water and bubbles – and we also add a cute Rubber ducky – These are some of my favourite photos and what one year old doesnt love a good splash at bath time!