Cake Smash Birthdays – The Celebration with a difference!

You may have noticed some changes around here lately! We have decided to Celebrate all things Birthdays and cake smashing Fun! We still do Newborns, maternity and family sessions for our families who have followed us along our journey. We just LOVE Cake smashes and have decided to niche in this particular genre!

What is a Cake Smash?

Just in case you dont know what it a cake smash is –

A cake smash session literally involves the baby ‘smashing up’ a beautifully iced, giant birthday cake in celebration of this all-important once in a lifetime FIRST BIRTHDAY milestone.

The magic truly unfolds when the child gets well and truly stuck into the cake. I snap away, taking photographs to record all the fun as it unfolds right before my camera in my studio…and we have lots of laughs along the way. This is such a great age to see their personalitys shining through!

What to expect during a cake smash session?

We dont plop them down and start digging straight into the cake, a first birthday session usually starts with me photographing your little one  dressed in a cute outfit. Parents will either bring their own or borrow from the studio wardrobe as I have lots of options for you to choose from on the day. I create the backdrop using your ideas and or colour palette or theme. This is done via email or phone consultation prior to the session. The Backdrop is all set up and ready to go before you arrive in the studio.

Capturing your little one before the cake allows me to read their cues and see what type of mood they are in and if I need to mix things up a little, help them to relax, play a little game of peek a boo etc.

After that, the cake is added to the set. More often than not, your little one is a little reluctant at first. After all, they’re not usually plopped on the floor with a giant cake infront of them. But anyone who has baby- led weaned a baby will know that they’re certainly capable of digging in and making a mess! I strongly encourage parents to have lots of time before the session exploring food with their hands – yogurt, fruit puree etc are great to start this journey -it’s usually not long before my studio is splattered with sponge and icing and the cake smash is well underway!

Once the cake shots are finished, your little one is then placed in a warm miniature claw foot bath – trust me its adorable! and they are able to splish and splash about in the bubbles. This creates more great photo opportunities for me, whilst also being a practical way of cleaning them up after the cake smash fun.

A cake smash photoshoot is definitely a multi-sensory experience and must do for their first birthdays!

Capturing lifes littlest celebrations

If your little one’s birthday is approaching and you’d like to
celebrate the milestone with some beautiful photos, please get in touch
via our contact tab. Cake smashes are ideal for the first birthday, but
can be done for any subsequent birthday too. Perhaps you’d like a theme
we have not featured in our Gallery? Please feel free to contact me and
discuss some ideas and themes and see if our studio is exactly what you
after, We are always happy to try new ideas! Its never to early to start
planning your one of a kind session with us!

Much love and light Rachel xx