White and Grey minimalist Cake Smash Session – Cake Smash by Rachel Easley Photography

We do simple too! Every session at Rachel Easley Photography is customised to suit the client.
Our cake smash sessions are one of our most requested set ups and our families love planning a creative session with decor & a cake to match a favorite book, party or nursery theme, We matched little Henrys decor to suit his older Brothers Cake smash, same colours but different decor. Mum and Dad are also currently building their family home and using the same white, Grey and Black colour scheme throughout the home so Little Henrys Cake Smash storyboard will fit right in the new house!

Our first birthday sessions are a fun & unique way to celebrate your child turning one. It’s the perfect time to capture your little ones emerging and captivating personality. We love to capture and celebrate with you your little one having lots of fun as they explore a cake made just for them!

Capturing the Magic of Birthdays is what our studio is known for!


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