Unicorn Dreams – Whimsical Unicorn Cake smash by Rachel Easley Photography

Step inside the world of Cake Smash by Rachel Easley Photography and take a peek into one of our recent Birthday Cake smash sessions……. Celebrating in all the magic that is that very first Birthday!

I invite you to step into my studio and together we can share in the
fun, delight and pure joy and create these images to be cherished for a
lifetime. At the heart of Rachel Easley Photography is capturing the
magic of childhood. We love to celebrate the magic that happens in
reaching one full journey around the sun and what better way than with a
giant cake with your parents smiling and cheering you on. Each session
adds a little bit extra of fairy dust on the glorious childhood

Contact Me (Rachel ) using the contact tab to begin planning your little ones first birthday magic!


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