New Website – Fresh Beginnings

With my new website I wanted to share more than just photographs I wanted to share stories, a glimpse into the families I photograph and what makes them them. I also want to share a part of me in each of my sessions. When I first started on my photography journey I spent the first couple of years shooting any thing and everything. I began my career in photography because I loved the freedom of being creative however I soon noticed I was so uninspired I began dreaming of packing it in and opening a family daycare! Dont get me wrong I love working with children and I used to be a assistant director in a child care centre, I think I was drawn to the creativity of creating amazing play spaces for the little ones. Thats when I knew something had to change. I had to create for me!

My work was beautiful and clients loved my work, but something was missing. It was quite profound to think that something was “Missing” when in actual fact it was what was there that was distracting me from my true path. I packed away all the brightly coloured props and backdrops and sat in the studio and looked around. It was my a moment! This is what I wanted to photograph.

Natural – Organic – Simple

I have decided to build a business around all the things I love to photograph, earthy tones, textures, connection.

I am booking clients who love my style and I am more creative than I have ever been




Image maker…..

Light Chaser…….

Whatever we wish to call ourselves on our creative paths, the truth is to never lose sight of ourselves, create work we love and create for ourselves.

regardless of what any one else thinks, we will fall in love with who we are if we are true to our authentic selves.

Much love and light

Rachel xx


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